Our Mission

iRun New Jersey creates and produces family-friendly, community events that are either free admission or very low entry fee. We offer booth and exhibitor space at no charge to local and national non-profit organizations, providing them the opportunity to promote their organizations to our tens of thousands of attendees. Non-profit groups are able to collect donations, sell items, distribute materials and hold raffles as a means of raising awareness and funds at our event venues.

Organizations who have participated in our events include: Autism Speaks; Raritan Bay Health Care; Girls Scouts of America; American Legion; Sadie Dowdell Library; Strand Theatre; South Amboy Fire Departments.

Also, in celebration of New Jersey’s 350th Anniversary and beyond, iRun New Jersey has pledged to help preserve and restore New Jersey’s historic buildings and sites located within State Parks. The Legacy Program donates a percentage of net proceeds from each of their events that are held in a State Park, for the purpose of providing funding to organizations who oversee the repair of historic buildings and their surroundings.