They’ve arrived at your event…so now what?  Lots of events, festivals and expos promote themselves as family friendly and pet friendly, or they use some other inviting adjective that attracts people to go and most times, to pay an admission fee just to get in the door. Once attendees walk through the gate, stroll around a few times to visit the vendors, have something to eat and drink, they decide to leave. Why?  Because they’re bored; their kids are bored and even their pets are bored! It is not likely that these people will rave about the event, and worse yet, they won’t come back next year.

No matter who your target audience is, they all want to feel like you’ve thought about what their experience will be like at your event. They want to learn something, to participate in something, to eat and drink in a comfortable environment, and to experience something. The take away…a successful event and a great time had by all.

The Rules of Engagement are important and happy attendees will spread the word about your event. They’ll come back year after year, and their excitement will grow the event for you!